A whole month of updates


So I've slacked off a bit on the blogging. Mostly since I've had quite a lot to do during the last month and when there's been a few moments over, I've pretty much spent them by resting. So this will be some kind of catch-up-post just to post some photos of what's happened the latest month.

I have had a photo session together with Stephanie S. and her girlfriend Josefin "Jözz" S. They were cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian from Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji. Here's three photos from the set as a preview - the rest will end up in a separate album.

UppCon:11 passed. I worked in the photo team together with Gustav "TukTuk" K., Annie "Jinxiz" B., Joacim "Roboman" S. and Bernhard "zwc" H. - In total I think I shot over 6000 photos / 120 GB. The (not as many) developed pics are up at konventsbilder.se.

In connection to the UppCon:11 convention, the Swedish championship in Cosplay were also held. I linked the promo-photos we produced in an earlier post. The pics could be seen on around one third of the city-buses here in Uppsala during a two-week-period. Quite nice. :)

Around two weeks after UppCon we went away to DreamHack, a computer festival in Jönköping. I worked in the Creative-team, arranging competitions in graphics, photography, music and animations - computer art - demoscene stuff. We had a really small team this event but everyone in it was so freaking great. It was quite a good event and we've got pretty much everything set up until next time. (so it'll be even better!)

I didn't really have any time to plan something special for the DH photo competition so I submitted an old photo of Brita for the photo competition and placed fifth (photo below). Brita on the other hand, won the whole thing with her entry "DreamHacks bubblare"! Grats!

More over, we've moved to a new appartment (in the same building - and same floor, though). Boxes still haven't unpacked themselves but it's going in the right direction. Soon enough we can actually invite people over!

Oh yes, almost forgot, some of my photos of Jenni "pixelninja" K. were recently featured in the third issue of the cosplay-magazine Cosplay Gen. (Sorry about the bad iphone-photo of the magazine, all my camera lenses are currently in Iceland with my girlfriend.)

And that's it! Now when I have this blog post away from my todo-list, I can focus on new stuff. Didn't mean to be TLDR, hope it's not!
Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
20:29 the 3rd of July, 2011