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Hello! I'm the guy that created this photo site, Carl Oscar Kalaspuff Aaro (proof). On the internet I'm mostly known as "kalaspuff". I was born ~30 years ago in Uppsala, Sweden where I also live today with my girlfriend Brita (link to her own photo site) and friends. My mother and father lives outside of Uppsala and my sister lives with her family in the southern parts of Sweden. I've been studying Computer Science at KTH/Royal Institute of Technology, but eventually felt that actually working with development was a greater way to spend my time. So today I'm employed as a software developer at a small company called Agigen in Stockholm. At Agigen we make cool web sites and web based services, quite sweet actually.

carloscar.se v1 - Built in 2006 carloscar.se v1 - Built in 2007 carloscar.se v5 - Built in 2008 - 2009 carloscar.se v6 - Built in 2009 - 2010 carloscar.se v7 - Built in 2011 - current design

This photo page of mine has now gone through multiple different designs and now we're finally here at design number seven, built with PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework together with some jQuery juice. Since it's 2015 I need some web 2.0 love so the blog is actually using wordpress XML-RPC boosted with comments via Disqus. I thought about serving the photos from flickr but their support for non-square customized thumbnails are pretty much non-existant so I had to skip that idea. I know I've said it before but this time it's really a lot better than earlier versions.

I started taking photos in 2005 - the interest became a hobby and the hobby became a real money-hogger, believe me on that! Nowadays I shoot with a 'Canon EOS 1D Mark III' and preferably a 'Canon EF 24-70/2.8 L' lens which I am really satisfied with. I shoot mostly at different events or portraits, and I'm trying to do more fashion modeling shoots; but occasionally a can take on a totally different genre if I find it interesting. Actually I believe I can take on pretty much any photo-mission as long as it seems cool and helps me pay my rent, so if you would like to contact me about any job, don't hesitate to email me at . Cheers~!