- "Wanna be my model? May I take your photo?"
Petra R.
By: Hampus Andersson | Photo of me taking photos of Petra R. Photo by Hampus Andersson / hampusandersson.se
Hello there. Do you look awesome? Do you have really cool clothes or are just particularly beautiful? Contact me already and we'll set up a photo session. Currently I'm trying to expand my portfolio and do more fashion-ish shoots.

Actually I'm always looking for more models to shoot, all kinds, all sorts - all I expect in return for a regular free-of-charge shoot that's not for my portfolio, is that I may use your photos for microstock. If you want to hook up with me and have a short session just send me an email (aaro@mensa.se).

I'm also contactable on Facebook and Twitter. Just friend me and we'll talk.

I'd love to hear from you. :)