POLE ART 2012, pole dance competition
Other: poleart 2012 - poledance
153 photos published August 26th
poleart 2012 - poledance
The VOLT festival is a one day festival in Uppsala showing off lots of different types of electronic music. Volt 2012 presents electronic music in its many forms: from focused, minimalist house and techno to rock hard dubstep, humming ambient and genre-defying experiments.
Festival / Club: volt 2012
36 photos published June 10th
volt 2012
Promo pictures of the noise band Trasig Leksak.
Artists: trasig leksak promo
17 photos published February 4th
trasig leksak promo
Mattias Brandt, Emil Trägårdh and Eric Pütter went together with me from DreamHack one morning, to Nässjö's martial arts practicing facility to practice some different styles. Some photos in black and white due to the lighting condition in the room.
Martial Arts: brandt, bewwen, putter
54 photos published February 2nd
brandt, bewwen, putter
Stephanie and Josefin cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian from the anime Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji, 黒執事. We shot in Gamla Stan in Sweden in the summer of 2011.
Cosplay: kuroshitsuji cosplay
18 photos published January 30th
kuroshitsuji cosplay
A few preview photos from my photo session with model Ophelia Overdose
Blog: ophelia overdose - preview
Post published 18th of August
ophelia overdose - preview
The Swedish Championship in Cosplay were held during UppCon:11 in Uppsala, Sweden. Here's a few shots of the event and the 10 contestants.
Convention: Championship in Cosplay
53 photos published July 30th
Championship in Cosplay
Verena S. in her Ice Queen outfit.
Modeling: verena - ice queen
22 photos published May 18th
verena - ice queen
My photo entry for the photo-competition at the German demo party event Revision 2011.
Blog: demo dreamland
Post published 23rd of April
demo dreamland
Black & White photos from DHW11 - the construction, concerts by E-Type and Dead by April, the DH Crew and a few festival pics. I worked with arranging competitions in graphics, music, art and coding on DreamHack Winter 2011. I managed to snap a few photos before and during the festival and thought that it would be fun to make a black and white album as an experiment. All photos taken with the 85mm/1,2.
Lan: dreamhack 2011 in b&w
58 photos published January 31st
dreamhack 2011 in b&w
These are the photos from the promo shoot for the Swedish Championship in Cosplay.
Modeling: cosplay sm promo
45 photos published July 30th
cosplay sm promo
Pics from my photo session from Februari 2011, with Helena K. There were still quite a lot of snow outside and the lake was totally frozen, still she managed to pull off some posing barefooted!
Modeling: helena - cold feet
16 photos published April 4th
helena - cold feet
Photos of Júlía Guðmundsdóttir in three different outfits, from January 2011 in Gothenburg.
Modeling: julia / sweet
26 photos published March 18th
julia / sweet
Some experimental photos taken together with Annie B. while playing around with some eBay l.e.d. lights
Modeling: annie, l.e.d. there be light
7 photos published February 22nd
annie, l.e.d. there be light
This is pixelninja with her new Samus Aran, metroid cosplay. Actually two different photo sets, with variations of the costume. Jenni 'pixelninja' Källberg also has more photos of all her costumes at www.pixelninja.se.
Modeling: pixelninja - samus remix
37 photos published December 8th
pixelninja - samus remix
Short set from a session we had during the summer of 2010.
Modeling: brita - serious cat
6 photos published January 16th
brita - serious cat
Photo session in December with Amanda ~draikonis. We shot in Gamla Stan in Stockholm in the middle of freezing December in a little alley.
Modeling: amanda, i can't stop raving
20 photos published January 8th
amanda, i can't stop raving