2000 facebook likes and latest previews

Hey! So I'm a bit late to the party (the blog), but here's what sets I'm working on at the moment if you've missed out!

I have some shots featuring Shila F. Some cool pics taken both indoors and up at the rooftops as well. This is the first few of a whole bunch!

Oh, and my facebook page (https://facebook.com/CarlOscarPhotography) is closing in on the 2000 likes mark - totally insane! Many of the page's followers was aquired through the post I wrote about Google+ and mobile devices though. I still believe it's crazy nice with a growing base of visitors and readers. :) Just a few more now!

Third, I did a shoot together with cosplayer Josefin "Tennyo" Slorafoss. If you follow me anywhere else you should've seen these shots earlier. She's cosplaying Rachel Alucard from the BlazBlue games.

Last out, me and Brita went out to a field nearby Uppsala and shot some an evening during the summer. I uploaded one of

the pics on 500px and it was very well received by the community. Great fun!

Later today, Saturday, I'll be attending the POLE ART 2012 event at Göta Lejon in Stockholm as a photographer, taking lots and lots of photos. One word: excited!
Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
01:25 the 25th of August, 2012

Stockholm photography fair

Yesterday we went to Stockholm Photography Fair (Fotomässan). We walked around there for about two hours, looking at their photo exhibition, some cool camera gear and a few public photo sessions and lighting setups.

I also got the chance to hold and try out Canon's coming new camera Canon EOS-1D X. Quite an awesome piece that will be released in April 2012 and will probably cost somewhere around 55 000 SEK in Sweden, it's somewhat of a follower from my current camera, EOS 1D mark III and it felt really really nice. A man can dream, right? Brita captured a photo of me holding the camera. :)

After the fair we went to some friends and watched some games of StarCraft from MLG, before we went out to party at Monday Bar Black. Here's a pic of beauty Brita while waiting for the commuter. <3

Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
18:43 the 20th of November, 2011

85mm test shoot with Brita

In my last entry I wrote about the new camera lens that I got. Shortly thereafter Brita and I went out to Berthåga, nearby where we live, and took the lens for a test run. She's wearing a second-hand dress and jacket that we got really cheap. Second-hand could be such a great place for modeling outfits, so much cool (and many more weird) stuff!

These photos are all shot with f1.6 and ISO 50, and the only things adjusted are some colors, vignette (actually the lens did most of the vignette job though) and post-resize-sharpening.

Last one at the fence is my favourite, and Brita's too I believe. :)

I have a bunch of more photos to finalize, pics of Steph and Jözz, Ophelia, some more from an other shoot with Brita and some cosplay sets. Currently no photo jobs which actually is a good thing right now, makes me able to have some more motivation and extra spare time to actually clean up the backlog. :)
Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
22:06 the 24th of October, 2011

A whole month of updates


So I've slacked off a bit on the blogging. Mostly since I've had quite a lot to do during the last month and when there's been a few moments over, I've pretty much spent them by resting. So this will be some kind of catch-up-post just to post some photos of what's happened the latest month.

I have had a photo session together with Stephanie S. and her girlfriend Josefin "Jözz" S. They were cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian from Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji. Here's three photos from the set as a preview - the rest will end up in a separate album.

UppCon:11 passed. I worked in the photo team together with Gustav "TukTuk" K., Annie "Jinxiz" B., Joacim "Roboman" S. and Bernhard "zwc" H. - In total I think I shot over 6000 photos / 120 GB. The (not as many) developed pics are up at konventsbilder.se.

In connection to the UppCon:11 convention, the Swedish championship in Cosplay were also held. I linked the promo-photos we produced in an earlier post. The pics could be seen on around one third of the city-buses here in Uppsala during a two-week-period. Quite nice. :)

Around two weeks after UppCon we went away to DreamHack, a computer festival in Jönköping. I worked in the Creative-team, arranging competitions in graphics, photography, music and animations - computer art - demoscene stuff. We had a really small team this event but everyone in it was so freaking great. It was quite a good event and we've got pretty much everything set up until next time. (so it'll be even better!)

I didn't really have any time to plan something special for the DH photo competition so I submitted an old photo of Brita for the photo competition and placed fifth (photo below). Brita on the other hand, won the whole thing with her entry "DreamHacks bubblare"! Grats!

More over, we've moved to a new appartment (in the same building - and same floor, though). Boxes still haven't unpacked themselves but it's going in the right direction. Soon enough we can actually invite people over!

Oh yes, almost forgot, some of my photos of Jenni "pixelninja" K. were recently featured in the third issue of the cosplay-magazine Cosplay Gen. (Sorry about the bad iphone-photo of the magazine, all my camera lenses are currently in Iceland with my girlfriend.)

And that's it! Now when I have this blog post away from my todo-list, I can focus on new stuff. Didn't mean to be TLDR, hope it's not!
Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
20:29 the 3rd of July, 2011

Photo Competition - demo dreamland

My photo of Brita got accepted to the photo competition and was just shown on the big screen at Revision. In total there were around 30 entries, some really good, some were bad - so quite a variation. Here's my contribution, it's called "demo dreamland".

I'm totally excited that it was approved and shown. Now just hope that other people here like it and will vote for it. I like it, do you? :) Cheers!

Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
17:47 the 23rd of April, 2011

Productivity and another preview

I've felt totally productive the whole day today. Finished off three new albums (!!); uploaded the photos from Trysil, the revised cosplay pics from Confusion and I've completed the set of Helena. I'll upload those photos tomorrow.

So, since I've worked off some of my photo backlog I now only have the photos of Verena (preview in the last post) and some new photos of Brita left to do (look at the bottom of this post), before I can take on some more challenges. :D

I wrote that I ordered a white wig earlier and yesterday it came to use! I shot together with Brita at home, first some casual nice looking photos and then we spaced out with a red background and white/blonde hair - I'm quite eager to get to work on these photos. :D And here's a preview straight from my Lightroom.

More off I skipped the www in carloscar.se (so it's just http://carloscar.se/ now), and I added some facebook comments to all the albums, could be a nice addition in case someone wants to write something productive. Peace~!
Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
00:45 the 4th of April, 2011