Productivity and another preview

I've felt totally productive the whole day today. Finished off three new albums (!!); uploaded the photos from Trysil, the revised cosplay pics from Confusion and I've completed the set of Helena. I'll upload those photos tomorrow.

So, since I've worked off some of my photo backlog I now only have the photos of Verena (preview in the last post) and some new photos of Brita left to do (look at the bottom of this post), before I can take on some more challenges. :D

I wrote that I ordered a white wig earlier and yesterday it came to use! I shot together with Brita at home, first some casual nice looking photos and then we spaced out with a red background and white/blonde hair - I'm quite eager to get to work on these photos. :D And here's a preview straight from my Lightroom.

More off I skipped the www in (so it's just now), and I added some facebook comments to all the albums, could be a nice addition in case someone wants to write something productive. Peace~!
Carl Oscar Aaro
Carl Oscar Aaro
00:45 the 4th of April, 2011